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Traditional food



Daily we realise that the diet to us changes, unfortunately to weight of our health, kacw's we leave from the traditional ways of life and were involved in the rhythms that to us imposes the modern season with the fast and ready food from industrial foods.. The scientists in all the world after studies and researches led to the conclusion that he should we return in the Greek traditional diet, which protects our health.
Aim of this work is to help oldest to remember also newest they know the traditional diet of our place.
The full cellars and undergrounds with their constant dew winter summertime, entertained the foods that prepared all the time. And was this clue home, foresight and familial order.
Today the season of overconsumption and the abundance of material goods and foods (plant, animal, processed ) where is imperative our need of briefing on the origin and the components of wet nurses that buys and consumes for the guarantee of our health, as remembers our deliveries and as leaves and we with the line something remembers our children.
Because according to Aristotle each exaggeration as each deprival is cause of illness,  our diet should be balanced




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