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Wealth-producing sources Rampant


The economy rampant is supported mainly in the primary sector (livestock-farming agriculture forestry). In the beginning of the 19 oy  century all the residents had flocks, mainly ovines, in order to they cover  - needs their in milk, cheese, meat, wool. The races were local adapted in particular environmental  conditions. The Promahjw'tes lived in nomads and were moved previously in the mountain and previously in the plain depending on the ircumstances and meteorological. At the same time they deal also with the agriculture. The main cultures itan:to maize, the wheat, the potatoes,
the barley, the beans and the pepper. The tillage became with the oxen, the seeding and the harvest with the hand. The potatoes and the beans they was cultivated in the mountain because limited agricultural extents. Red mpaho-vj'tjko pjpe'rj'vravey'tike in the report of Saint Fragkj'skoy in 1915 on his quality.
Afterwards the A World war began progressively the culture of silkworm. With the end of Civilian war and for the next decades, will dominate the tobacco growing. It contributes in the rise standard of living of residents. By the means of decade the ' 70 are modernised the means of production so that is observed ' increase of quantity of tobacco.
The use of horse, mule, the donkey contributes in the growth of forestry afterwards 1950. 1952 is founded the first forestal cooperative "MACEDONIA". The means that they allocated daserga'tes were the axe, hejroprj'ono, varjopoy'la,
wedges and the animals worked so much in public as long as
and in the Community forest Rampant. The flora of forestal extents presents particular interest kacw's it is constituted by very a lot of species of trees. In the place "Pe'ternjk" we find the pentave'loni pine, a infrequent and protected type. Climax of blossoming of forestry was the increase of production in 20.000  K m of timber per year in the beginning of decade the ' 90, because replacement of old means with new more efficient. Simultaneously present itself also the familial enterprises of treatment of technique
Today daserga'tes they are complicated they ensure the essential revenue stamps and they are turned in other activities (livestock-farming, tree plants).



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